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 Bianca Axeladet

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Bianca Axeladet
Somatic Prefect
Somatic Prefect
Bianca Axeladet

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Age : 27
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Character sheet
Alice: Song Pheromone
Type of Alice: Somatic

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PostSubject: Bianca Axeladet   Bianca Axeladet Icon_minitimeSun Jul 27, 2008 12:04 am

Alice Academy Registration Character of Bianca Axeladet

Name: Bianca Axeladet
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Class: A-Senior High School

About The Alice:
Alice: Song Pheromone
Alice Explaination: Pheromone, can make people around the Alice User interesting with her if they heard Alice user singing
Alice Weakness: Useless if nobody hear the Alice user voice
Control Device: Carbunkle, necklace with Aquamarine stone

Alice Shapes: Intermittent
Alice Type: Somatic

About The Character:
Height/Weight: 46/167
Characteristic: Energetic, Hyperactive, little childish
Behaviour: Love to sing or playing music

Psychilogical Weakness: Ghost
Likes: Cat, music, anime, my blue hair, my beautiful voice
Dislikes: clown, big scary man, bugs, sea food

Strory Before Coming To Alice Academy:
Bianca is a girl who live in a small hut. Her father was die when she was little girl. She just live with her mother. Bee love to sing, she always make a concert to get money. But, when agent from Alice Academy know that Bee has an Alice. The Agent took her to the Academy.
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Bianca Axeladet
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