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 Hana Sukyori

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New Student

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Age : 23
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Alice : sonic sound waves
Alice Type : dangerous
Registration date : 2010-04-03

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PostSubject: Hana Sukyori   Hana Sukyori Icon_minitimeSat Apr 03, 2010 1:13 pm

Alice Academy Registration Character of [your name]

Name: Hana (hah-nuh)
Gender: female
Age: 15
Class: senior high school A

About The Alice:
Alice: Sonic-sound radiator
Alice Explaination: She can control sonic sound waves.
Alice Weakness: Her hearing is very sharp, so high frequency sounds , like a dog, hurt her.
Control Device: cuffs on her wrists contol the amount of sound wave released, a butterfly tattoo on the right side of her neck keeps her from giving off sonic sound waves accidentally.

Alice Shapes: limitless, so its rather powerful, but she can control it thanks to her cuffs.
Alice Type: was dangerous, but was removed from it with difficulty, to special.

About The Character:
Height/Weight: five four
Characteristic: SHes pretty outgoing, shes a free spirit and knows how to fight pretty hard. But shes very comforting company.
Behaviour: Likes to have fun, does sports a lot. Sheís kind of a badass(excuse language) due to her long time spent in dangerous. She loves music of course.

Psychilogical Weakness: nullifacation, pheromones.
Likes: music, chocolate, fighting, sports
Dislikes:math, spiders, persona

Story Before Coming To Alice Academy:
Her parents abandoned her to fend for herself when she was four. They thought she was a demon child and a bad omen. A man whom she came to call Grampa took her in . He ran a dojo for men, and thatís where she learned to fight. But, shes small, and not extremely strong, so she can easily be taken. Her lightness on her feet is what counts for her. But one day gramps died. It was her birthday. She was out on the streets, stealing things to live. Then she found Alice Academy, the jack pot. She snuck in, and was caught by persona, whom she treid ot escape by disorienting him with a wave but it didnít work. He almost killed her
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Hana Sukyori
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