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 Chi Murasaki

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Chi Murasaki
New Student
New Student
Chi Murasaki

Number of posts : 13
Age : 25
Location : Philippines
Alice : Soul Sucking
Alice Type : Dangerous Ability
Registration date : 2009-04-05

Character sheet
Type of Alice:

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PostSubject: Chi Murasaki   Chi Murasaki Icon_minitimeSun Apr 05, 2009 3:40 am

Alice Academy Registration Character of Chi Murasaki

Name: Chi Murasaki
Gender: female
Age: 15
Class: A-Senior High School

About The Alice:
Alice: Soul Sucking
Alice Explaination: It generally suck souls.
Alice Weakness: She can only suck little amount. Making the person, who's soul was sucked, shorten it's lifespan.
Control Device: Black marble-like pendant

Alice Shapes: Diffuse
Alice Type: Dangerous

About The Character:
Height/Weight: 5' and 49kg
Appearance: Chi Murasaki Anime_schoolgirl_fav638
She has long black hair reaching through her waist. She has pale blue eyes and a fair white skin.
Characteristic: Chi is a typical quiet type of person. She doesn't talk too much and doesn't waste her time on people. She doesn't want to get along with people especially to people that doesn't look like they can be trusted. She is usually found in a quiet place.
Behaviour: First of all, she sleeps a lot. She doesn't want to be disturbed when she's doing something especially when she's asleep. She glares at other people and thought of sucking their souls when they don't want to get near her.

Psychilogical Weakness: When people doesn't want her to be friends with her and even feel disgusted for her.
Likes: Herself, being alone, nature
Dislikes: Herself, people, threats, buildings or crowded places, full moon

Strory Before Coming To Alice Academy:
Before knowing that she has an alice, she lived like all the other normal girls. She was a cheerful and a happy-go-lucky. She loves her family and friends so much. She always spends her time in their garden. She loves everything a normal girl wanted. She dreams like any other girls.
Unfortunately, when the night came, it was full moon to be exact, there was an unknown person who entered their house. This man came towards Chi and forcefully made her to use her alice. That's when all the people in their village learned that she had a dangerous alice, that she killed her family. People began to not talk to her as if she doesn't existed. She was left abandoned and began to not let her come again in their village. The villagers tossed her away towards Alice Academy.
That's when she realized, people can't be trusted.
And when full moon comes, that's the time she suck peoples' souls. She was being controlled by that unknown person whenever full moon comes, making her kill people.
But when she's not being controlled, she can only suck small amount of souls, making those people shorten their lifespans.
The academy gave her a pendant to wear so it can prevent from controlling her every full moon.
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Chi Murasaki
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