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 Kamui Yamato

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PostSubject: Kamui Yamato   Kamui Yamato Icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2009 5:53 am

Alice Academy Registration Character of [your name]

Name: Kamui Yamato
Age: 15
Class: A Senior High school
About The Alice:
Alice: Heal and Pain
Alice Explaination: : Kamui can heal people but the pain of that people will cause 10% to him for the heal. And he can also transferred the pain into third person.
Alice Weakness: He only can use it max. 4 person/day
Control Device: Cross neklace
Alice Shapes: Limitless
Alice Type: Latent

About The Character:
Height/Weight: 168 cm and 62 kg
Appearance: [Tell us how did you come to Alice Academy]Kamui Yamato 15559411
Characteristic:Kamui has short brown hait that reveal his ears and he has light purple eyes.
Behaviour: Kamui is calm, quiet and very thoughtful. However, like many boys, Kamui is very mischievous and will do anything to pass the time. He is nice to most people and very charming, his mood will remain a mystery to anyone who sees him because he almost never shows his true feelings to anyone but himself or close friends.
Psychilogical Weakness:
not really good at house chores [like cooking and ect]
Likes: Play violin and reads mystery novel
Dislikes: house chores

Strory Before Coming To Alice Academy:
A new day, a new year!
I saw my family over Christmas, a truly rare occasion and extremely painful. They came for my birthday too, dropped a present off while I was at school, and left a note saying "Sorry can't make tonight for dinner. Got a lot of work to do. Hope you like the present. Mam, Dad, Ryou ( older brother) and Mariko ( Older sister)."
"It's not fair" I whispered, "It's my birthday!" I took the present upsatirs and dumped it in the bin in my room, I was distraught, how could they do this to me? But I didn't have time to mope about, ballet starts in 10 mins, and then guitar and hour later, and since nobody's going to dinner tonight I guess I'll go to swimming. When I arrived home that night, I climbed the many flights of stairs and dumped my stuff in my room. I was about to get changed, when the present I dumped earlier caught my eye, I was curious what they had bought me. So I grabbed it and ran out to the garden, I climbed a tree so nobody would see me hidden in the leaves. Once there I carefully unwrapped the present.
There was a card inside, it said "To Kamui. Happy 14th Birthday. From Mum, Dad, Ryou and Mariko." Happy 14th Birthday, they got my age wrong, I'm 15, tears poured down my face uncontrollably. They got their own son's age wrong. The present wasn't much either, a framed photograph of my family, but I'm not in it. This just made it even worse, tears dropped on the glass, I almost flung it but didn't as this was probably the only way I'd see them.

Christmas came not long after, with a rare visit from her family, but it was not such a happy time.
Sure I got loads of gifts, just like every other year, but I'd trade them all for a proper Christmas with my family. We had dinner, opened our gifts, did a bit of singing, they talked about work, asked how was school but I could tell they weren't interested in any of this, and when they left they seemed glad to be leaving. But I hadn't been expecting much, it was always like this, always had been.

Then school came back around, I was exhausted to go back and to study.In the way to the school my car hit someone, Then i came out from my car and go nearer to person that my car driver hit. I touched her and then there's a light and without a second his blood already gone and she llook like a person that healty and never had a cause/ problem. Then when i was in school there's a black coat people came to my class and he said that i must go to the Alice academy because i have alice. Maybe that's not a bad idea. I just go with my violin to that academy eith a hope that my parent will call me back.
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Kamui Yamato
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