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New Student
New Student

Number of posts : 15
Age : 27
Location : India
Alice : Thunder and Electricity alice
Alice Type : Dangerous
Registration date : 2009-02-21

Character sheet
Type of Alice:

Ray Empty
PostSubject: Ray   Ray Icon_minitimeSat Feb 21, 2009 2:20 am

Alice Academy Registration Character of[Ray]

Name: Ray
[b]Gender: male
[b]Class: A Senior high school division

[b]About the alice:
[b]Alice:Thunder Alice
[b]Alice Explaination:allows the user to control electricity and thunder
[b]Alice Weakness:can hurt user if used constantly at a high level for a long time.
[b]Control Device:A bangle with Ruby,emerald and sapphire

[b]Alice Shapes:limitless
[b]Alice Type:Dangerous

[size=16][b]About The character:
[b]Height/Weight:Height:5'6 Weight:52 kgs
[b]Appearance:Normal brown hair....colour changing eyes....sporty look
[b]Characteristic:Is always quite but will not hesitate if threatened
[b]Behaviour:always quite but brave......sometimes will do anything for friends

[b]Psychilogical Weakness:does not think before acting if any danger
[b]Dislikes:closed surfaces

[size=16][b]Strory Before Coming To Alice Academy:

I lived in india with my parents before discovering my talent.....and that is how i came here
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