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 Kairi Hiroki

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Kairi Hiroki
New Student
New Student

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Age : 25
Alice : Hypnosis Alice
Alice Type : Latent
Registration date : 2008-08-21

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PostSubject: Kairi Hiroki   Kairi Hiroki Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2008 3:51 pm

Alice Academy Registration Character of [your name]

Name: [your character name] Kairi Hiroki
Gender: [male/female]Male
Age: [fill your character age] 15
Class: [fill your character class/fill you're teacher if you wanna be a teacher] Class A

About The Alice:
Alice: [name of your alice] Hypnosis Alice
Alice Explaination:

The Hypnosis Alice can hypnotize the user's opponent into doing anything the user pleases.

Alice Weakness:

The Hypnosis Alice can make the user dizzy or sick. It requires immense concentration and practice to use it.

Control Device: A ring with a reddish diamond.

Alice Shapes: Intermittent
Alice Type: Latent, I think.

About The Character:
Height/Weight: 5'4"/154 lbs.

Kairi Hiroki Lacordadoro


Kairi is very outgoing and optimistic. He's always happy and cheerful. Sometimes, he abuses his Alice and forces sad people to be happy. He'll do anything if it's for a good cause. He's very loyal and up for a good adventure.


Kairi is often found helping people. His studies aren't the best. He usually sleeps in class.

Psychilogical Weakness: Kairi is scared quiet easily. He's also very naive. Most people can trick him into doing bad things, that he thinks is good.

Likes: Cats, Freedom, Children, Playing, Hanging out with friends
Dislikes: Dogs, Dirty Tricks, Mean people

Strory Before Coming To Alice Academy:
[Tell us how did you come to Alice Academy]

Kairi used to live in Southern Japan with his Grandmother. He was an orphan. He had a younger sister that died in an accident with his parents. Without any notice when he was 13, some of the school adminastrators came and took him. At first, he thought it was a kidnapping, but they explained to him about what was about to happen.
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Kairi Hiroki
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