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 Koizumi Regina

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Koizumi Regina
New Student
New Student
Koizumi Regina

Number of posts : 2
Age : 27
Alice : Explosion Alice
Alice Type : Dangerous
Registration date : 2008-08-08

Character sheet
Type of Alice:

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PostSubject: Koizumi Regina   Koizumi Regina Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2008 3:22 am

size=20]Alice Academy Registration Character of Koizumi Regina[/size]

Fullname : Koizumi Regina

Nickname : Izumi or Regina

Gender: Female

Age: 14 years

Class: B-Junior High School

About The Alice:

Alice: Flaming Alice

Alice Explaination: The Flaming Alice, this alice is make the users can control flame or even fire. The fire can burn everything around the user ( if the user want ) or make a wall ( it means for protecting the users ).

Alice Weakness:Even it an Alice, sometime, it can't turn out. Because it charge from the users power. If the user's weak or sick, the fire can't turn out. And it make some efect for the user. Such as : conffusion , sick , or unconcious.

Control Device: an necklace with a red pendant,

Alice Shapes: Interlimiters

Alice Type: Dangerous

About The Character:

Height/Weight: 134 / 40


Regina is quite person, sometimes she's act childish , and can't believe people that he seen ( at the first time)

Behaviour: She's quite and like quite place. Sometime you can see Regina at garden or maybe around the foreest ( cause she like an animals ^^)

Psychilogical Weakness: The person who know her pass.

Likes: Animal ( whatever it is ) , singing , rain and...playing flute

Dislikes: Ghost

Strory Before Coming To Alice Academy:

Koizumi Regina, the girls who has Flaming Alice. She doesn't want that power, but she have it. She doesn't know were she came from or even her parents. She never talk to much. When she's 12 years old, she came to academy ( because the academy found she )
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Koizumi Regina
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