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 About Gakuen Alice/Alice Academy

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Alice Academy a.k.a Gakuen Alice The Gakuen Alice is located somewhere in Tokyo (in the Anime it is across from a huge gorilla billboard.) The size of the school grounds resembles the dimensions of a sprawling estate. The grounds are enough to contain three levels of education (elementary, junior high, senior high) along with a Hospital, the Main Building, and the Central Town, where shops managed by Alice-bearing artisans sell goods that came about with the help of their Alices.

In the anime, the Academy has its own monetary system, the Rabbit (Rt), with one Rabbit equivalent to 100 yen. However, in the manga, the Academy uses yen as their primary currency. There are four forests surrounding the estate; in the manga, the Northern Woods, where the infamous "Mr. Bear" resides, are the most visited.

Communication is limited within the Academy even letter-sending is limited. This is due to the constant threat to the talented children by kidnappers and slave traders. Potential escapees are deterred by concentration camp-style barriers (like heavy security and electrified fences).

However, honor students and those getting the highest exam scores have the privilege of going home and visiting their relatives for one week. Top students in the Final Examinations get other perks as well, like free meal tickets and certifications, and money as well as a week-long leave.
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About Gakuen Alice/Alice Academy
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